James D. Gilmore

Official Shred Virtuoso Website!

James D. Gilmore-LIVE!                                      (Michael Angelo Batio concert in Dayton)

"Middle of Nowhere" official music video

CD Catalog Promo

James D. Gilmore - 3/10/12 Dayton, OH

"Betcha' Can't Play This"

Shredders Night Out - All Star Jam

PRO SHOT! Virtuosity All Star Jam!

"Inside The Madness" -DVD Preview Clip

Sam Ash Shred Clinic- 10/13/11

Sam Ash Shred Clinic Promo 2011

Shred Factor 10 (Live)

Guitar Clinic at Sam Ash in Cincinnati!

Sam Ash Shred Clinic Promo

Virtuosity All Star Jam!

Virtuosity 09 -Promo Clip

Virtuosity 2010

Return II Madness

Full Shred Ahead


Middle of Nowhere (Live)

Return II Madness (Live)

Movements Thru Time (Live)

Betcha Can't Play This! (Animated version)

Stay tuned for more new videos coming soon, including vintage tour clips!!