James D. Gilmore

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  "I think James' playing as well as compositional skills are excellent. He has a gift of mixing over the top shred guitar, with really creative melodies, as well as arpeggiated lines. The CD rocks! Great playing. James is a true guitar great!" - Michael Angelo Batio

"I think this CD is really good! James' style reminds me of Yngwie Malmsteen's." - Steve Vai

"I dug the stuff - you obviously know your way around the fretboard, & can shred some dangerous arpeggios!! Thanks for doing the tribute to Chastain - Harris as well, that's a great honor." - Michael Harris

"I personally like the material...especially Movements Thru Time!"
- David T. Chastain

"With many other albums to his credit, James has made quite a name for himself as a metal guitar virtuoso. A couple standout tracks, although all are just as good as the next. This disc is proof that metal will never die & needs to remain in the souls of all. Pure & real."
- John Haseltine / Ball Buster Hard Music

"James' theme's don't posses boring elements or arrangements, & while it's clear the obvious influences of other great guitarist like Yngwie Malmsteen have had an impact, Gilmore has sucessfully found his own vision."
- Branimir Lokner / Barikada & Over The Wall (Serbia)

"Gilmore blazes through every scale in the book, at speeds to make you re-evaluate the speed of light. And Gilmore's talents definately place him among the fastest, most shreddingist players on the planet."
- Jane Seymour / Everybody's News

"James Gilmore's fiery guitar playing is magnificent. He's been titled the sweep king by many. This is a great investment for guitar lover's."
- Stage Pass Magazine

"Gilmore's shredding guitar riffing is amazingly fast & the influence of like-minded guitarist's like David Chastain & Yngwie Malmsteen are apparent. But Gilmore has his own style & his ability certainly ranks up there with his hero's." - Mike Breen / City Beat

"Very good technical guitar work!" : Rated 4 stars!
- B. J. Sumner / T. O. T. T. Music Monthly

"Metal masterpiece of enormous value. Fretboard racing to the extreme, nimble-fingered movements which leads to something oustanding. I'll recommend "Method 2 Madness" definitely to all Metal heads with an eye for very technical, instrumental axe movements of world class quality. Pure and from the heart brilliant release, a masterpice!"
- Stefan Sileghem / METAL TO INFINITY (Belgium)

" Although Gilmore's music includes a virtuosic nobleness, and each note is polished up, he managed to preserve the sharpness that is typical for metal. The greatest trump of "M2M" is characteristic Gilmore's guitar sound, so we will not confuse him with other guitarists. Just right for David T. Chastain's fans."            - Nicolo / HMP Magazine : Department of Virtuosity (Warsaw)  http://www.nicolo.pl/2011/06/james-d-gilmore-method-2-madness-2006.html

"'Resurrection', 'Method 2 Madness', 'Middle Of Nowhere', 'Shred Factor 10',... one by one masterpieces delivered by one of the most impressive guitar players in the history of Metal music. His phenomenal techniques let you dream away, in the footsteps of other greats like Vinnie Moore, Dave Chastain, Marty Friedman, Michael Angelo Batio, Tony McCalpine, Michael Harris, Vai, Joe Stump, Satriani,... James D. Gilmore is an inventive / innovative guitar magician to me. Total appreciation and dignity is on my side - he deserves it to be heard all around this globe..Superb, brilliant, amazing - GREAT!!"
- Stefan Sileghem / METAL TO INFINITY (Belgium) http://mtibelgium.00freehost.com/JDGilmoreDVDreviewInsidethemadness.html