James D. Gilmore

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This DVD offers a close look at the man "Inside the Madness" with 9 live performances in the studio. Tracks include Shred Masterpieces such as Return II Madness, Middle of Nowhere, & Resurrection, as well as 6 others. Before each performance JDG gives viewers comments, & insight into the insanity as only he can! An inventive & innovative master of the guitar, this work captures not only his phenomenal technique, but the intense passion & fire he puts into his music!
Format: NTSC (ALL Region) / Stereo / Standard Definition

Track List & Chapters: 1. Intro 2. Return II Madness 3. Axe to Grind 4. Middle of Nowhere 5. Full Shred Ahead 6. Shred Factor 10 7. Transitional Timing 8. Saying Goodbye 9. Resurrection 10. Method 2 Madness 11. Credits

"JAM SESSION - VOLUME 1" Calling All Guitarist's! This is your chance to jam with guitar virtuoso James D. Gilmore, regardless of your skill level. This CD is like "Guitar Hero", but for REAL GUITARISTS! Six tracks from James' CD catalog will help you develop your chops at your own pace. James gives you the album version of each song to inspire you & to give you concepts on how to approach each track. So even if you've never heard one of his CD's before, you'll have some great idea's. Then YOU have a chance to take the spotlight. This is a great way to train yourself to play with audio tracks in real time. This disc contains 12 tracks, the first six are full album cuts, and the last six are the same, but without the main guitar! Now it's your turn to burn!
(Plastic toy guitar not required.)

Track List - 1. Return II Madness (Remastered) 2. Axe to Grind (Remastered) 3. Middle of Nowhere (Remastered) 4. Full Shred Ahead (Remastered) 5. Resurrection (Remastered) 6. Method 2 Madness (Remastered) 7. Return II Madness (Rhythm Track) 8. Axe to Grind (Rhythm Track) 9. Middle of Nowhere (Rhythm Track) 10. Full Shred Ahead (Rhythm Track) 11. Resurrection (Rhythm Track) 12. Method 2 Madness (Rhythm Track)

"METHOD 2 MADNESS" Talk about a RE-EVOLUTION! Newly recorded for the 21st century! James first solo CD, originally released in 1992 has been completely re-recorded, mixed, and mastered in state of the art digital! This CD also features a killer new bonus track and the production is amazing. Hearing these incredible melodies with powerful new arrangements is like listening to the original "92" release on steroids!

Track List - 1. Method 2 Madness, 2. Axe to Grind, 3. Middle of Nowhere, 4. Dissonant Reasoning, 5. The Maze, 6. 9-1-1 (studio solo), 7. Full Shred Ahead, 8. Tearin' Up The Pavement, 9. De'ja' Vu, 10. Classical Mirage

"RESURRECTION" James' first mostly vocal release! Impressive, Bombastic, and Intense, are terms that have all been rightfully used to describe this 14 track- over 1 hour Metal Masterpiece! "Resurrection" Features the talents of John Harper-Keys, Colin Frazier-Drums, Jay Klein-Bass, and Doug Bertram-Vocals. Along with virtuoso guitar solos, this release also showcases amazing vocals, song writing, musicianship, and fantastic production. Available worldwide!

Track List - 1. Land of the Free, 2. Resurrection, 3. Paradise Lost, 4. Come to Me, 5. Runnin' Out of Time, 6. Hearts on Fire, 7. Eye of a Fool, 8. Wicked Nights, 9. Don't Stop the Night, 10. The One, 11. No Sanctuary, 12. Legacy, 13. Critical Mass, 14. Ground Zero

"RETURN II MADNESS" If you thought shred was dead, then consider this the second coming! James combines elements of classical, blues, funk, and jazz and places them all in the realm of metal. "Return II Madness" makes for a very memorable guitar driven tour de force featuring tributes to Chastain / Harris and Michael Angelo. A must for fans of extreme shred guitar. *WARNING* should not be played close to flannel or other plaid materials that are highly flammable.

Track List - 1. Time Traveler, 2. Return II Madness, 3. Melodic Turbulance, 4. Shred Factor 10, 5. Full Shred II, 6. Transitional Timing, 7. Instrumental Warfare, 8. Speed Kills, 9. Movements Thru Time, 10. Paradise Calling, 11. Saying Goodbye, 12. Sin City Solo (Live Solo Excerpt)

The original '92 debute release, now out of print, featured 9 shredding instrumental tracks that started it all! This is the self produced release that put James on the map, and paved the way for the ever growing solo CD catalog that's currently available  in over 120 countries worldwide!

The Official JDG "CD SAMPLER" has gone through several incarnations throughout the years, featuring a handful of remastered tracks, & is often given away for free at select appearances, clinics, & concerts. Thousands have been distributed to fans around the world to date! These discs are not for sale, & can only be obtained by attending an official sponsored event.

The first official single release! A firey, heavy, & shredding take on the William Chatterton Dix Christmas classic by shred guitar virtuoso & international recording artist James D. Gilmore. For those who like a little Metal in their holiday music!
Available in digital format only, on sale everywhere!!

"Virtuostic Inventions" At long last, the JDG official cd sampler, previously only available at select concerts, clinics, & events, is being released worldwide for the first time ever, & it contains more re-mastered tracks than all previous versions.
For new fans to the JDG cd catalog, this ep makes for a great entry point!

Track List - 1. Resurrection, 2. Return II Madness, 3. Middle Of Nowhere, 4. Full Shred Ahead, 5. Land Of The Free (all digitally re-mastered)

James' second official single release! "Winter Wonderland" is popularly regarded as a Christmas song, written in 1934 by Felix Bernard (music) and Richard B. Smith (lyricist). Through the decades it has been recorded by over 200 different artists.
Needless to say, JDG's scorching rendition stands out big time, & makes for an over the top stocking stuffer for all fan's of extreme guitar!

"Aggressive Maneuvers" is the brand new studio single from guitar virtuoso James D. Gilmore. This track is his 10th official solo release, & gives fans a glimpse of what's to come! Available worldwide in over 200 countries, through 150 distributors including Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, & many More!