James D. Gilmore

Official Shred Virtuoso Website!


These days, it's considered "uncool" to be able to play & tune your instrument. Midwest Independent Records is proud to introduce the most "uncool" guitarist in the Midwest!

Since his solo debut release in 1992, James has made a career of both entertaining and inspiring, not to mention scaring the hell out of other guitarist!

Michael Angelo Batio says James "has a gift of mixing over the top shred guitar with really creative melodies, as well as arpeggiated lines", & calls James "a true guitar great!". Steve Vai has compared James' style, feel, & technique to that of Yngwie Malmsteen's. Also, the local, national, & world press have compared James' playing to many great guitarist including David Chastain, Yngwie Malmsteen, & Joe Satriani as well, but also state that "he has his own style & that his ability certainly ranks up there with his hero's." Term's like "Virtuoso", & "Master" are often used by peers, & press worldwide to describe James' talent.

A playing pro with over 35 years experience, James has released multiple solo CD's, plus a DVD on Midwest Independent Records, & has worldwide distribution with over 50 online distributors, & over 2,400 stores in the U.S.. His CD's have received radio airplay in over a half dozen countries to millions of listeners. A Song Writer & Music Publisher with BMI, he's also an accredited Studio Engineer & Record Producer, & is the Owner & Chief Sound Engineer of J.D.G. Studios as well. He has Recorded & Produced on demo's & other projects with members of Unbound, Chastain, & CJSS just to name a few, and has also recorded music tracks for commercials on TV & Radio as well.

James also has over 30 years experience as an instructor & clinician, including 3 years as "Head of the Rock Guitar Instruction Dept." in the "Masters Lesson Program" at CSM in Cincinnati, & even appeared in their TV commercials! He has literally taught hundreds of guitarist how to be better players. He's also appeared in several national rock magazines such as "Musician" & "Metal Edge", doing everything from interviews, to giving touring tips.

Currently, if he's not in the studio, James can often be found on concert & clinic stages promoting his new "Virtuostic Inventions" ep, & most recently sharing those stages with other incredible artist like Michael Angelo Batio, Michael Harris, Joe Stump, Matthew Mills, Arch Rival, & others! Also, writing is already underway for the next studio release. These solo CD's/DVD's serve as proof of James' monster shred ability.

Update: Besides recording guitar with Mark Wood of Trans Siberian Orchestra, & being an executive producer on Michael Angelo Batio's cd "Intermezzo", James has also just finished producing & editing several Chastain video's promoting their last 2 albums "Surrender to No One", & "We Bleed Metal". James recently produced his own video- "Middle of Nowhere", in support of the new "Virtuostic Inventions" ep as well!

James also dropped his 10th release, the new single "Aggressive Maneuvers" on Halloween, followed by the music video in December! 

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